Saturday, January 20, 2018

Awesome weather and an awesome Frozen cluster to share!

They've changed our forecast - no snow....but RAIN.   All the snow we did have, which wasn't much at all, melted today in the 55 degree sunshine we have enjoyed the entire day!   Yep, kitchen windows are open, as are the bathroom and our bedroom - - LOVING the fresh air!  It won't last, but hey...gotta enjoy it while you can.   I've been working all day and got a paper pack finished up for a new collection (always make my solids first, then patterns...then elements and everything else), and I'm loving it.  Took a break to make my world famous Lemon Bars....*cough*, that's right, well - at least in my little world they are world famous.   Last time I made them was just over a year ago for Eric's fathers funeral luncheon - they were his very favorite, but I was still in chemo then, and everything sweet tasted horrible.   Had a craving for them today, and they are cooling right now - yummolicious!  Hope your Saturday has been a good one for you!    Tonight I have a glorious cluster that Anita made to share with you using Frozen. 

Just click on the image above to download!  See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 19, 2018

A gorgeous Frozen cluster from Janet tonight!

and just like that, it's Friday!   Since we are supposed to experience a major snowstorm this weekend (even tho we are in the freezing rain with up to two whole inches of snow), we did our shopping today, made sure that Eric's mother had all she needs.....ran over to Boscobel (where my pharmacy is on the other side of the Wisconsin River) to pick up my new prescription for Lasix to try to dump some of this water weight from the steroids...and we are home, tucked in and comfy.   Just tired is all - but that's the norm anymore.    I hope you all have a great weekend....and tonight I have a beautiful cluster to share with you from Janet - made with Frozen, of course!   

Just click on the image above to download!  See you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Frozen, new this week - an awesome cluster from Chrissy, a free paper pack, and an update on me.

Hey everybody!   Seems like it's been frozen here for quite some time, so I decided to make a collection for the....occasion?  season?   LOL - all i know is that it's been downright frigid outside, and that I am very much looking forward to spring.  Or, just warm weather in general - betting you are, too!   So this week's release is Frozen...and I adore the palette for it...winter has so many cool palettes that can be used for so many things!  This collection is packed with all sorts of goodies to scrap with, and of course is on sale for 30% off in my shop at The Digichick.  I have some gorgeous clusters to share that were made with this, too...starting tonight with one from Chrissy to share with you.  I'm also including the free chipped paint papers that were this week's newsletter freebie.   Generally, there is a freebie every week - so you might want to sign up!       Now then - we made it to the UW-Madison just fine yesterday with plenty of time to spare.   Since it's in the area that I originally hail from, I know the routes well, and not much has changed (thankfully).   My appointment was for 1pm.  I didn't get to see anyone until 2pm, lol - - but I do like the Dr., who explained the trials to me, what they can do..and what I need to qualify for them.   They needed tissue from my original tumor to test..and thankfully, there was plenty still at Gunderson in Lacrosse - so I don't need another biopsy!  The tissue is being sent immediately for testing - and then we go into which trial might benefit me the most.   Meanwhile, I sit here still dealing with the after effects of those darned steriods....good grief!   My regular oncologist called in a script for a mild diuretic this afternoon to help me drop the over 25 pounds of water weight I'm carrying around right now.   Talk about uncomfortable!   When they weighed me yesterday, I almost started crying...and of course they asked why.  I simply said "another six pounds in one week".....and that was enough to have them call my doc.   Hoping it helps because I feel like i weigh a ton, and walking?  HA!  My legs don't wanna move much.   Hopefully, the meds will get the ball rolling to get rid of all this fluid.  Other than that, I did somehow manage to sleep more than 10 hours last night...pure exhaustion me thinks, so today I'm doing pretty good.   

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those gorgeous? 

Below are the chipped paint solids that match Frozen - this weeks newsletter freebie.  If you want more like this, just sign up for my newsletter (in the right sidebar).

Just click on the images above to download!  See you tomorrow!